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Growing neurons in dishes…really!

Ross Proctor

Every now and then I see something that blows my mind. Remember those first proper images of Pluto? The ones that make you feel tiny and insignificant – they blew my mind. In that case it was the almost incomprehensible scale of the thing that was the culprit. In my latest cerebral explosion, it was something […]

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Looking to the future

David Mowat MP

I recently attended Alzheimer’s Research UK’s event at the Conservative party conference – “Looking to the future: Innovative approaches in the fight against dementia”. I was impressed with some of the creative ways the charity is raising awareness and highlighting the power of research to defeat dementia. A look at just some of the statistics […]

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Defeating dementia: a horse’s tale


Hello! My name’s Coda and I have been dancing circles for quite a few months now… something the humans call ‘dressage’. I like it because my riders, Dave and Ruth, seem very happy when they have a red ribbon to hold up. And also because I get yummy treats! A little while ago, I was […]

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New report recommends plan for Government to accelerate access to new medicines at ‘crucial time’ for dementia

Kirsty MaraisKaty RiddickClare van LyndenSusan MitchellEmily Cook

Today sees the publication of the final report of the Accelerated Access Review, which seeks to accelerate access to all new innovations, including drugs, diagnostics and medical technologies.  The recommendations of this review will be critical in addressing the challenges new dementia treatments are likely to face and will set the scene for access to […]

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