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Make Breakthroughs Possible

Hilary Evans

Our notion of what we believe to be possible changes at a pace, perhaps never so quickly as today. It is a little over ten years since we first experienced the entirety of the world’s knowledge through the smart phone in our pocket. Similarly in 2008, Twitter took flight and 140-character debates great and small […]

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6 landmark moments in dementia research

Dr David Reynolds

There are certain moments in life that, when looking back, stand out above the rest. It’s no different in scientific discovery – a journey of exploration, where important discoveries pave the way for the breakthroughs that change lives. Here are some of the most influential advances in dementia research over the last century – thank […]

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Scientist Focus Blog: Cassy Fiford

Cassy Fiford

This World Alzheimer’s Month, we spoke to Cassy Fiford a research assistant and PhD student to find out why she is passionately involved in dementia research. What does your job involve? I am a research assistant, currently studying for my PhD at University College London (UCL). My work involves looking closely at brain scans taken […]

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If at first you don’t succeed: My Jurassic Coast Experience

Diane Hill

In 2016, Diane Hill was inspired to take on a 100km trek for Alzheimer’s Research UK, the chosen charity of her employer, AXA Insurance – but the challenge didn’t go as planned. Instead it sparked a two-year journey that saw her transform her fitness levels and last month, Diane successfully ran and walked 100km non-stop […]

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