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The power of dementia research

Beth Edgar

Every four seconds someone, somewhere in the world, is diagnosed with dementia and there is a greater need for more research to help people affected, along with their friends, family and carers. As our population ages, our awareness of the challenge posed by dementia is increasing. There is growing understanding that at some point everyone […]

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10 things we take for granted that people with dementia forget

Sue ArmstrongLloyd VaughanKirsty MaraisLouise Martin

1. Recognising your nearest and dearest Looking through precious photo albums reminds us of our past, but imagine not being able to recognise your friends and family staring back at you. That’s the tragic prospect facing people with dementia. 2. Your favourite foods Whether it’s a home-cooked roast dinner or a simple bar of chocolate, […]

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PageGroup celebrates Purple People Day

Sophie Tudor

On Friday 6 March, hundreds of PageGroup staff across the UK donned purple outfits to raise hundreds of pounds for our charity partner, Alzheimer’s Research UK. The company supported Alzheimer’s Research UK by wearing purple ties, sweaters, and shirts and selling purple-themed baked goods. In May 2013, PageGroup pledged to fundraise £200,000 for Alzheimer’s Research […]

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Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference 2015 – Clinical Perspectives

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisDr Emma O'BrienClaire LucasRobin Brisbourne

It has now been a week since the hugely successful Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference 2015 got underway. The two day event was a fantastic forum for dementia scientists to exchange ideas and launch collaborations. The very first session of the conference involved specialist dementia doctors giving an overview of the different diseases that cause dementia. […]

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$100m global Dementia Discovery Fund

Dr Matthew Norton

Today the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt announced plans for a $100m global Dementia Discovery Fund at the inaugural WHO Global Action Against Dementia meeting in Geneva. Alzheimer’s Research UK is delighted to be part of this unique and innovative initiative, a world first for dementia research. What is the Fund? The Investment […]

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