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In the news: The genetics of Alzheimer’s risk

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneKaty Stubbs

Making the news today is research from scientists at Cardiff University who, as part of a global research team, have discovered 11 new areas of the genome linked to a higher risk of Alzheimer’s. The study is unique in the field of Alzheimer’s, not just for the sheer quantity of genetic information it has produced […]

Placebo Tea

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneKaty Stubbs

In this short piece I’m going to describe why we need clinical trials to develop new Alzheimer’s treatments. And cups of tea. What is the placebo effect? It’s been shown over and over again that patients who are given empty injections or pills, which they believe contain medicine, experience symptom improvement. This happens in a […]

Battle of the Brains

Lucy SquanceClaire PriestwoodHannah RJess HiscocksLeah WatkinsRebecca FutrallZoe BaggotKenneth ForemanKelly Holliday

Fancy holding a fundraising quiz for dementia research? Alzheimer’s Research UK staff love a quiz. The office is a pretty harmonious place, so it’s always a welcomed change of pace to be able to pit our wits against one another. Throw in a spot of friendly rivalry and people are falling over each other to […]

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My family and dementia

Beth Britton

Imagine spending your teens and twenties watching a beloved parent living with dementia. I did, and this is my story… When I tell people that my dad had vascular dementia for about 19 years, the usual reaction is one of surprise – can you really live with dementia for that long? The answer is a […]

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Behind the headlines: Ginkgo biloba for Alzheimer’s

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneKaty Stubbs

We’ve all seen stories and adverts for products that claim to improve your memory or boost the brain. Widely available, at a cost, these products tempt many who are looking for something that could help relieve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. One, ginkgo biloba, has been extensively researched and sadly there’s now convincing evidence it can […]

Why is dementia research the elephant in the room?

Dr Matthew Norton

This is a cross Blog post with Age UK With the Care Bill running through parliament, the development of historic reform of the funding system for social care and much political focus on the integration with the health system. One could be forgiven for thinking that the Gordian Knot that is health and social care […]

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