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Cracking the tau challenge

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneCatherine McKeeverKaty Stubbs

Last autumn we laid out a challenge for scientists from all disciplines, asking them to solve a crucial problem in dementia research: how can we develop new ways to test potential treatments aimed at a hallmark dementia protein, tau? They rose to the challenge, and work is now starting on four projects using stem cells to […]

Painting the town purple

Miranda JohnsonYosra OsmanJade RolphVicky Naylor

Here at Alzheimer’s Research UK we love the colour purple. It’s our primary colour, it’s eye-catching and some spiritualists believe that surrounding yourself in the colour purple brings peace of mind. So, what better reason to hold a purple party? Get your friends, family and colleagues to dress purple, eat purple and drink purple to […]

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All that glitters…

Marissa StewartJoanne Fearne-GreenCarolyne Coupel

We recently received a rather unusual donation for Alzheimer’s Research UK – a selection of rings, all boxed, and a plastic bag full of odd bits of jewellery. These were donated by kind supporters (anonymously) and it was up to me to turn their donations into ‘research hours’. The small bits of jewellery included some […]

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Alzheimer’s Research UK – London Supporters Group

Kevin Zokay-West

Joining the newly formed Alzheimer’s Research UK London Supporters Group was an easy decision for me. It’s one that has helped me to ‘get out there’ and fundraise in other ways rather than continuously taking part in activities which meant asking for donations from family and friends. Whilst twittering one day I found myself in […]

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Dementia affects young people too

James OdellOliver EnglishThomas ChiversPaul Stebbings

My granddad died from Alzheimer’s disease when I was a teenager. Like many younger people with a loved one with dementia, I had little idea exactly what was going on. Although it was obvious that something wasn’t right, the only real glimpses I had in the early days were the occasional incidents of odd behaviour. […]

Will this be the year that turns the corner for dementia?

Katy Riddick

The close of 2013 brought the first-ever G8 Summit on Dementia, a meeting of the world’s top economies to commit to tackling dementia jointly. The summit brought a great deal of attention to the global need for dementia research and encouraged hope for a cure. As we begin 2014 we might start to wonder: Will […]

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