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Does anyone know where I can find a purple wetsuit?

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneKaty StubbsFaye Monk

One of the best things about my job is putting together Alzheimer’s Research UK’s newsletter think. I get to hear about all the amazing things our fundraisers are doing to defeat dementia – everything from throwing themselves out of planes to knitting scarves while running marathons. It’s seriously inspiring stuff. So, in a fit of […]

This cruel condition

Steve Rotheram

Anyone who has watched helplessly as a loved one battles with dementia, often forgetting your name and your relationship to them, knows the agony that is felt and the feeling of absolute hopelessness. This experience is all the more painful when it is a close relative, especially when, as in my own case, it is […]

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A Closer Look at the Role of a G8 Envoy

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneKaty StubbsFaye Monk

Possible lessons for dementia? The Global Envoy on Dementia Innovation, Dr Dennis Gillings, will be stepping into an exciting but challenging role on the world’s stage when he officially begins work early this summer. Only one other disease area has received a similar focus from the G8, when it created the Global Fund to Fight […]

Science is golden

Tim Parry

For over twenty years at Alzheimer’s Research UK, we’ve built our reputation around funding the very best ideas in dementia research, from discovery science to clinical application. But our remit doesn’t stop there. We also play a role in helping our supporters and the public understand dementia and to communicate the progress of research towards […]

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What’s the point of a blood test for Alzheimer’s?

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneKaty StubbsFaye Monk

This time last week brought news of a potential blood test for Alzheimer’s, capable of detecting the disease before symptoms appear. Nearly every national newspaper carried headlines about the research, and our spokespeople were called on to help explain the implications of the study – and its limitations – for several broadcast stations. Efforts to […]

Early Access Scheme

Dr Matthew Norton

The Government has announced the intention to fast-track breakthrough drugs to seriously ill patients under a new Early Access Scheme, as promised in the 2011 Life Sciences Strategy. It is aimed at innovative drugs for serious illnesses for which there is no existing treatment or where the current medicines are inadequate – like dementia. The […]

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Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneKaty StubbsFaye Monk

The Patsy Duffy Memorial Benefit 7 March 2014 A family from Magherafelt in County Derry, whose husband and father had early-onset Alzheimer’s disease organised a memorial benefit in his name at the Titanic Belfast, on 7 March 2014. Forget Me Not, The Patsy Duffy Memorial Benefit, was organised in his memory by his wife Janette […]