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On a mission to raise buckets of cash

Lucy Ponder

Late November may not be the best time to be outside all day. But on 20 November, PageGroup donned their fancy dress and winter coats and hit the streets of London to raise money for dementia research. Seventy-five people from their finance and consultancy team came together, in a bid to help a fantastically worthy cause. […]

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Scientist Focus: Dr Jay Amin

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneCatherine McKeeverKaty Stubbs

Earlier this year we awarded a three-year Clinical Research Fellowship to Dr Jay Amin at the University of Southampton, a doctor specialising in Old Age Psychiatry. We chatted to Jay about the aims of his project, how he became interested in dementia research and what interests him outside the clinic. Dr Amin’s Alzheimer’s Research UK […]

The nurses who battle dementia

Miranda JohnsonYosra OsmanJade RolphVicky Naylor

As a new staff member at Alzheimer’s Research UK I needed to learn as much as possible about dementia and the people we’re working to support. I quickly learned that Alzheimer’s Research UK’s headquarters are extremely dedicated to defeating dementia, but it’s always important to remember why this is our mission. I met with three […]

BBC Lifeline: On location

Lloyd VaughanKirsty MaraisKaty McIntosh

Have you ever wondered what goes in to making a television charity appeal? I have recently had the privilege of finding out as in the last few weeks I have been working on Alzheimer’s Research UK’s BBC Lifeline Appeal, which airs on BBC 1 today (Sunday 16 November) at 4pm, and is presented by the […]

Windows into Alzheimer’s: How scientists are revealing the brain’s inner workings

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneCatherine McKeeverKaty Stubbs

One, rather literal, barrier to dementia research is the human skull. Not being able to directly observe the brain has meant that scientists have had to develop ingenious ways to visualise what is going on in the brain in diseases like Alzheimer’s. We call this field of study neuroimaging. Earliest Research Over 100 years ago […]

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