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Election countdown: will you help us #campaignfordementia?

Kirsty MaraisClare van LyndenSusan MitchellEmily CookHelen Davies

In every general election, particular issues of the day will always feature heavily in the debate, and as Britain prepares to vote on 8 June, it’s inevitable that Brexit negotiations will dominate the campaign. But our next government will also be able to influence a range of other important issues, including the future of dementia […]

Dementia Forum 2015 report: a global call to action

Dr Matthew Norton

Today’s headlines feature a new report from the World Innovation Health Summit Dementia Forum 2015, which underlines the need for global action to tackle dementia. The report makes recommendations to help fight dementia – including steps to attract new investment for research – and outlines some of the obstacles that have hampered research so far. […]

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Happy birthday dementiablog

James OdellOliver EnglishThomas ChiversPaul Stebbings

Today is the the first anniversary of the Alzheimer’s Research UK Blog site. In that time it has become the place to find out the latest views on the impact and science of dementia. Big names What a year it has been; we’ve had guest blogs from: SirTerry Pratchett Seth Rogen Blogger and Twitter campaigner Nicky Clark Comedian […]

Global action against dementia

Dr Matthew Norton

Download our new report which examines the key statistics and sets out how we will address the challenge ahead. The G8 Dementia Summit in December 2013 was effective at galvanising the international community and promising clear and decisive action to tackle dementia. The Summit saw international leaders launch the ‘Global Action Against Dementia’ initiative with […]

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A Closer Look at the Role of a G8 Envoy

Katy Riddick

Possible lessons for dementia? The Global Envoy on Dementia Innovation, Dr Dennis Gillings, will be stepping into an exciting but challenging role on the world’s stage when he officially begins work early this summer. Only one other disease area has received a similar focus from the G8, when it created the Global Fund to Fight […]

What’s the point of a blood test for Alzheimer’s?

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneCatherine McKeeverKaty Stubbs

This time last week brought news of a potential blood test for Alzheimer’s, capable of detecting the disease before symptoms appear. Nearly every national newspaper carried headlines about the research, and our spokespeople were called on to help explain the implications of the study – and its limitations – for several broadcast stations. Efforts to […]

Dementia to remain a national priority

Katy Riddick

A ‘refresh’ of the National Dementia Strategy, quicker diagnosis and a World Dementia Council It’s been an exciting week for dementia. Like buses, you wait ages for exciting announcements from Government and then three come along at once! An update of the National Dementia Strategy First, on Tuesday the Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt […]

‘You’re just a bit doolally’: Tackling the stigma of dementia

Dr Matthew Norton

This is a cross Blog post with the International Longevity Centre-UK Stigma is an issue that continues to blight progress in dementia research and support for people with dementia and their carers. It is mainly exhibited through fear and people who have the condition being discredited or ostracised. It often stems from wider ageism – the […]

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