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My first Father’s Day without Dad

Alison Carter

This year’s Father’s Day will be Alison’s first without her dad John. He sadly died from vascular dementia after being diagnosed in 2007 at the age of 71. She decided to write a blog for Alzheimer’s Research UK, to share her experience with others and encourage donations to vital research this Sunday.

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The other side of comfortable

Laura Brown

Over 2017 Alzheimer’s Research UK supporter Laura Brown will be taking on the European Championships Triathlon, the City to Summit endurance race over Ben Nevis in 20 hours, followed by a trek to Everest Base Camp in November. Laura tells us why she puts herself through her gruelling training, and why she’s fundraising for Alzheimer’s […]

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What’s it like being a media volunteer?

Laura Pearson-Clark

What’s it like being a media volunteer? Married couple Chris and Terrie from Cambridgeshire have been Alzheimer’s Research UK media volunteers since 2010. Their tireless work to raise awareness of dementia and help the charity in any way possible resulted in Chris being made a charity Champion in 2013 and Terrie in 2016. We asked […]

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My parents in my pocket

Siobhann Ardley

Siobhann Ardley lost both her parents in 2016, her 68-year-old mum Annette Royce in August and her dad Michael Royce in November, a day after his 71st birthday. Michael had been living with Alzheimer’s disease for almost a decade, and passed away in a care home, while Annette died from liver cancer following a terminal […]

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Mother’s Day

Emily Allen

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend. A lovely celebration to show our love for our often under-appreciated mums and everything they’ve done for us over the past year. It’s a lovely concept and needed in a society where the work mums do is often under-valued. It’s a weekend when most of my friends are going home […]

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Welcome to Aberdeen

Ali Blaikie

Having lived in Aberdeen her whole life, Ali Blaikie, was very excited to hear that the Alzheimer’s Research UK conference is coming to Aberdeen this year. Running 14-15 March, it is the biggest annual dementia research conference in the UK. It is an opportunity for researchers from around the world to come together and share […]

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Why we made The Trouble with Dad…

David Baddiel

The documentary The Trouble with Dad that I’ve made with my brother Ivor and SunDog Productions stars…my dad. That seems clear to me, when I watch it. The star of this film is Colin Brian Baddiel. My dad is the star of the film not just in the sense that it’s about him, and tells […]

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My parents’ love story

James Warren

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Regional Fundraising Officer James Warren has decided to share the love story of his parents Chris and Hilary Warren, to raise awareness of the need for dementia research. The couple share a room at their care home in Broadstone, Dorset, following a diagnosis of dementia within just two years of one another. […]

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