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The Policy and Public Affairs Team is responsible for influencing public policy on dementia research. We campaign on issues that will make a difference to people with dementia, for example our Dementia 2010 report highlighted the scale of the dementia challenge in the UK and the lack of government funding for dementia research. As a result dementia is moving up the political agenda and this government has pledged to double dementia research funding to £66m by 2015. But, we believe there is still a long way to go before dementia research will be getting its fair share of funding and offer real hope for people with dementia, so we are using our position on the government’s  Dementia Challenge Research Champion Group and future campaigns to call for ambitious long term action to address this urgent challenge.

The policy team is:

  • Kirsty Marais
  • Katy Riddick
  • Clare van Lynden
  • Susan Mitchell
  • Emily Cook.

The Dementia Challenge five years on

It’s now five years to the day that the first Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge was launched, setting in motion a comprehensive government plan to tackle dementia. In March 2012, David Cameron detailed an intention to increase research funding, improve dementia care and create a national movement to spread awareness about the condition. So how have […]

NHS England’s budget impact test: what it means for dementia

From this month, new measures will come into force that will change the way new treatments are introduced on the NHS in England. You may have seen media reports about the change, and heard that a number of organisations, including Alzheimer’s Research UK, have raised concerns about the measure. So what exactly is happening – […]

MP Daniel Zeichner visits Alzheimer’s Research UK

Protecting dementia research in a post-Brexit Britain with Daniel Zeichner MP Even though it has been more than seven months since Britain voted to leave the EU, we are still in a state of uncertainty about exactly what Brexit will look like and we do not yet fully understand the impact this decision will have […]

Over-65s to be given better advice about dementia at NHS Health Checks

As the UK’s leading dementia research charity, one of the biggest challenges we face is raising awareness and understanding of dementia. Too often people wrongfully believe dementia is an inevitable part of ageing and that there is nothing they can do to reduce their risk. But that’s not the case, which is why Alzheimer’s Research […]

Keeping up the momentum

At Alzheimer’s Research UK we recognise that we aren’t going to defeat dementia on our own. We will need the combined and coordinated effort of a number of different stakeholders, including governments. Therefore, a key strand of activity for the charity is ensuring that dementia research has the support of the UK government. We do […]

New report recommends plan for Government to accelerate access to new medicines at ‘crucial time’ for dementia

Today sees the publication of the final report of the Accelerated Access Review, which seeks to accelerate access to all new innovations, including drugs, diagnostics and medical technologies.  The recommendations of this review will be critical in addressing the challenges new dementia treatments are likely to face and will set the scene for access to […]

Drug discovery and the pharmaceutical industry: collaborating for progress

Dementia is too big a challenge for one organisation to tackle alone. As the UK’s leading dementia research charity, we’re proud to be funding cutting-edge, innovative science, but we’re also continually working to encourage investment across the board. To develop new treatments for dementia, we need a thriving research sector, and the pharmaceutical industry is a […]

Dementia risk reduction – supporting research to develop the evidence base

There is increasing recognition that a mixture of genetic, lifestyle and health factors are likely to contribute to whether someone develops dementia at a particular age. The growing evidence base has linked a number of risk factors to dementia, including smoking, lack of exercise, low education, high blood pressure, and diabetes, with some studies now […]

The Higher Education and Research Bill – what this could mean for dementia research

Today the Higher Education and Research Bill, which proposes changes to the structures and funding mechanisms for teaching and research in Universities, starts the next stage of its journey towards becoming law as it reaches committee stage in Westminster. So what does the Bill propose, and why does it matter to dementia research? The Bill […]