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Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Science News Team helps to communicate the pioneering work of the charity. We promote the latest research findings from our scientists and comment on breaking dementia news stories from across the globe, helping you to put them into context. We produce health information booklets and work to raise awareness of dementia in the UK. Our aim is to help you understand more about the diseases that cause dementia and the progress being made in research. The team are:

  • Dr Laura Phipps
  • Robin Brisbourne
  • Claire Lucas
  • Emma O’Brien
  • Catherine McKeever.

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Exciting new phase in the UK Dementia Research Institute

In May 2016 we committed £50m to support the UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI), our biggest financial commitment to a single initiative in our 25-year history. After an international search, Prof Bart De Strooper was named as Director of the UK DRI in late 2016, and UCL was announced as the hub of the […]

Right patient, right treatment, right time

When doctors are faced with diagnosing someone with a disease, their aim is to give the right patient the right treatment at the right time. However, this can be difficult when doctors are faced with diseases of the brain. Our brains are highly complex organs, housed in the protection of the skull and behind a […]

Scientist Focus: Katie Lunnon

University of Exeter researcher, Dr Katie Lunnon has won the Early Career Investigator of the Year Award at the Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference 2017. The prestigious prize celebrates excellence in dementia research and comes with £25k for Dr Lunnon to spend on her cutting-edge research.  Katie studies the relatively new field of epigenetics – a […]

Rare Disease Day

Today is Rare Disease Day – an initiative to raise awareness of diseases that are usually not well known and for which it can be particularly difficult for people to get the most appropriate diagnosis, treatment and care. Dementia isn’t rare. There are an estimated 47 million people in the world living with dementia and […]

Scientist Focus: Dr Tara Spires-Jones

Dr Tara Spires-Jones is based at the University of Edinburgh, where she studies the connections between nerve cells in the brain to understand how they become disrupted in Alzheimer’s disease. Tara has just been appointed Chair of the Alzheimer’s Research UK Grant Review Board, the panel of experts that meets to recommend the most promising […]

Football and dementia

Today’s headlines are highlighting a possible link between playing football and a form of dementia related to head injuries. The story is based on a very small study that points to the need for more research into a question that other sports are already having to grapple with. Boxing In 1928 the term ‘punch-drunk’ was […]

Behind the big dementia headlines of 2016: are we getting closer to a cure?

As we embark on a new year of dementia research, let’s take a look back to see how 2016 got us talking about dementia. In Alzheimer’s diseases, there are two hallmark proteins that build up in the brain – amyloid and tau. Unsurprisingly, these two proteins have become the focus of drug discovery research in […]

How many people develop Alzheimer’s in their 30s?

This week we’re helping Rita Pepper speak out about how Alzheimer’s has affected her family. Her daughter Carla, who now lives in a care home, was diagnosed with a genetic form of the disease when she was in her 30s. Rita’s husband Barry also developed Alzheimer’s and passed away at the age of 43. This […]

What causes the symptoms of dementia?

If you ask most people about the symptoms of dementia, they’ll likely mention memory loss but not get much further than that. Of course for many people with dementia, memory loss is a hugely important early symptom, but it is far from the whole story. Dementia is an incredibly varied condition that can be caused […]

A year in the life of Alzheimer’s Research UK

And what a year it has been! January We kick-started 2016 with a bit of zest. #sharetheorange used a simple idea to convey a message that is anything but simple. With the help of Christopher Eccleston, we used an orange as a visual metaphor to tackle the misunderstanding surrounding dementia, emphasising that dementia is caused […]