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Over-65s to be given better advice about dementia at NHS Health Checks

Kirsty MaraisClare van LyndenSusan MitchellEmily CookHelen Davies

As the UK’s leading dementia research charity, one of the biggest challenges we face is raising awareness and understanding of dementia. Too often people wrongfully believe dementia is an inevitable part of ageing and that there is nothing they can do to reduce their risk. But that’s not the case, which is why Alzheimer’s Research […]

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The VeloVeni

Jack Newton

A group of friends and colleagues cycled 1,000 miles across 10 countries in 10 days to reach the romantic city of Venice in Italy. The group braved snow-capped mountains, rolling hills and vertical climbs, raising over £30,000 for charity. Jack Newton, one of the riders, speaks about the gruelling challenge. The idea of the VeloVeni […]

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