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Vascular dementia explained

Ellen McIntosh

The word ‘dementia’ is used to describe the symptoms people experience when their brain cells stop working properly due to a disease. This can be experiencing memory problems, such as frequently losing things, or struggling to find the right words in conversation. When people hear the word dementia, many think of those they know with […]

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Research finds a way – our virtual conference showed it is possible.

Ed Pinches

Scientific conferences are events where world experts and budding early-career scientists gather together to learn from their colleagues, share their latest findings and create lasting collaborations. Sadly, earlier in 2020 we made the decision to cancel our annual Research Conference which was due to take place in Wales. While it was the right thing to […]

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Positive lifestyle changes to help reduce the risk of developing dementia

Theo Axford

This blog post has been cross-posted from the Garmin Blog page. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with Alzheimer’s Research UK, one of the world’s leading dementia research charities dedicated to diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure. Our aim is to help reduce people’s risk of developing dementia by inspiring them to make positive lifestyle […]

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COVID-19 – The dementia research field adapts

Dr Carol Routledge

It hardly needs to be said that the whole country is going through a very challenging time as we take steps to limit the impact of the coronavirus. Almost every walk of life will have been impacted by the outbreak and our thoughts are with all of those affected. People with dementia are likely to […]

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