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6 highlights from the world’s largest dementia research conference

Ed Pinches

This year, Los Angeles played host to the world’s biggest dementia research conference – the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2019. Conferences are places where top researchers and budding early-career scientists come together to learn from their colleagues, share their latest findings and create lasting collaborations. AAIC19 was no exception. Conferences like AAIC are helping […]

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Dear Prime Minister, will you change my family’s future?

Carli Pirie

Without a way to stop or prevent the diseases that cause dementia, one in three children born today will go on to develop the condition in their lifetime. The odds are worse for Carli Pirie, whose family has a rare genetic form of Alzheimer’s. Carli’s mother and grandmother both developed early-onset Alzheimer’s in their late […]

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Save this summer with Savoo and support dementia research!

Jade Rolph

With summer in full swing, most of our minds turn to BBQs and sprucing up the garden, and you might not feel up to breaking a sweat for charity. If only you could get sponsored for relaxing in the sun! But what if you could support groundbreaking dementia research just by doing those DIY jobs […]

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6 areas dementia experts say research should focus on next

Rui Mauricio

In a new publication, Alzheimer’s Research UK is coming together with leading dementia experts to lay out suggested areas of emphasis for future dementia research. Since 2013, we’ve seen real improvements in the financial support for dementia research and the number of dementia researchers. In fact, between 2008/09 and 2014/15, the number of researchers doubled […]

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