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Dementia to remain a national priority

Katy Riddick

A ‘refresh’ of the National Dementia Strategy, quicker diagnosis and a World Dementia Council It’s been an exciting week for dementia. Like buses, you wait ages for exciting announcements from Government and then three come along at once! An update of the National Dementia Strategy First, on Tuesday the Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt […]

What happens in a dementia laboratory?

Dr Laura Phipps

People often have a perception of scientists as wearing white coats and peering into test tubes. While this can in some cases be very close to real life, there are many different types of research taking place across the UK and dementia researchers come in many different guises. Laboratory, office or clinic? Dementia scientists can […]

‘You’re just a bit doolally’: Tackling the stigma of dementia

Dr Matthew Norton

This is a cross Blog post with the International Longevity Centre-UK Stigma is an issue that continues to blight progress in dementia research and support for people with dementia and their carers. It is mainly exhibited through fear and people who have the condition being discredited or ostracised. It often stems from wider ageism – the […]

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Arthur Smith. Photo: Steve Ullathorne

Oh Hazel

Arthur Smith

About 20 minutes into Arthur Smith sings Leonard Cohen (Volume 2) I speak a poem I have written that drastically shifts the mood of the show. Tonbridge, Kent Pulling up late after the party, they see her, their neighbour, standing in the street. She is looking, she says, for a lift to London. She needs […]

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Get volunteering: get cheering!

Harriet Parker

Waking up early on a bright Sunday morning I was eager to attend my first big race. Not being a runner myself, the prospect of being part of a cheering squad from the safety of the side-lines is much more exciting (and a lot less exhausting). Well equipped with Alzheimer’s Research UK branded goodies, donning […]

Telling the story of dementia

Barney Norris

Over the next two months, my new play Visitors, a story about a family struggling to cope with dementia, will be touring the country. Visitors is a play about many things – it’s a love story, a lament, a window into a rural world – but it’s also an attempt to start conversations about the challenges faced by people […]

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Christmas is for children – and Grandad

Anonymous Blogger

Crackers pulled. Silly (colourful) hat perched on head. Jokes read and groans groaned. Great food, thoroughly enjoyed. What day is it? Why all the fuss? The bang of the cracker was a bit of a shock, as if it weren’t expected … This year, for the first time, Christmas rather passed Dad by. He was never one for dressing […]

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