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Why we made FaceDementia

James OdellOliver English

Like many other charities, we’ve developed a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Storify… the list goes on as social media technologies develop. But we wanted to harness the power of Facebook to illustrate some of the symptoms experienced by the 820,000 people in the UK affected by dementia. Your Facebook family […]

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Marked differences

James OdellOliver English

It’s now nearly 15 years since my mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and as a family we have witnessed the effects this cruel disease has had; as it slowly stripped her of so many fundamental parts of herself including her independence, ability to communicate, along with her memories and ability to recognise and connect with […]

10,000 times smaller than a pinhead

Dr Claire Michel

Our research group at the University of Cambridge specialises in setting up custom built microscopes to accelerate research into neurodegenerative diseases. Recently, with funds from Alzheimer’s Research UK, we have built a ’super-resolution’ microscope to see things we could not see before. This microscope allows us to visualise toxic proteins involved in Alzheimer’s disease that […]

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Mum and Me

Sue Bourne

Every film I had ever seen about Alzheimer’s disease had been grim and depressing. My mother Ethel had Alzheimer’s yet somehow my daughter Holly and I continued to have a relationship with her. It may not have been what it once was but there was still lots of laughter. And lots of love. We knew […]

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Marathon stories

Tim Parry

What a day at yesterday’s Virgin Money London Marathon. All the months of training from Team ARUK (the 64 runners who took part for Alzheimer’s Research UK) came down to one sweltering morning in London, and their incredible efforts made us all proud. The day brought a new Guinness World Record for Susie Hewer who […]

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Good luck to all our TEAM ARUK runners

James OdellOliver English

It’s the Virgin Money London Marathon 2014 on Sunday. After months of training, a team of 64 fantastic Alzheimer’s Research UK runners (TEAM ARUK) will don their purple running vests with pride as they join over 37,500 people for the 26.2 mile race.  Last year our runners raised an incredible £113,500, enough to fund almost four […]

Lost Chord

Helena Muller

Lost Chord is a charity providing therapeutic musical sessions for people with dementia. We work in residential homes and the community at day centres specifically for people in their early stages of dementia. Music can often be the key. It can reach into the very soul and unlock the door that dementia has pulled shut […]

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Walking amongst giants

Susie Hewer

As a champion for Alzheimer’s Research UK, I was delighted to have the opportunity to attend their annual conference last week amidst the dreaming spires of Oxford. Surely that would be boring for anyone other than fellow scientists, I hear you cry?! Well, I’ve been a fundraiser and campaigner for Alzheimer’s Research UK for over […]

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Every promising research project counts

Clemens Kaminski

Back in 2010 we welcomed a very talented researcher, Dr Claire Michel, to our team at the University of Cambridge. We use state-of-the-art microscopes to view proteins in minute detail. We were studying the behaviour of two hallmark Alzheimer’s proteins – tau and amyloid – to discover why and how these proteins were so damaging […]

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