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Pledge to defeat dementia

Clare van Lynden

We are pledging to find a cure for dementia; will you pledge to join us? Through the overwhelming commitment of our supporters we have been funding leading dementia research for over 20 years. Vital discoveries are being made all the time, shedding further light on Alzheimer’s and other diseases that cause dementia. We couldn’t do […]

Defeat Dementia

David Mayhew CBE

Five years and £100m to power transformational benefits for people with dementia. Last night at a special Alzheimer’s Research UK reception held at The Gherkin in the City of London, I had the pleasure of announcing the launch of our new campaign, Defeat Dementia. This major five year fundraising and investment drive will seek to […]

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Global action against dementia

Dr Matthew Norton

Download our new report which examines the key statistics and sets out how we will address the challenge ahead. The G8 Dementia Summit in December 2013 was effective at galvanising the international community and promising clear and decisive action to tackle dementia. The Summit saw international leaders launch the ‘Global Action Against Dementia’ initiative with […]

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The Alzheimer’s Research UK Stem Cell Research Centre

Dr Emma O'Brien

In 2012, Prof John Gurdon and Prof Shinya Yamanaka won the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Their pioneering work developed a technique to turn adult cells, such as those from the gut, into stem cells.  The next big challenge has been to use these stem cells to answer key medical questions, one of which being how […]

World Cup 2014: A look at the stats

Oliver English

Like it or not, the World Cup is back, and for the next four weeks, you’ll be hard pressed to avoid it. Prime time TV slots will be consumed by games, interviews and analysis. Local supermarkets will try and tempt you into decorating your car with mini flags of St George and in some cases, […]

How large DNA banks help us to defeat dementia

Louise Walker

Alzheimer’s Research UK recently awarded a £96,000 grant to Prof Kevin Morgan at the University of Nottingham to maintain and expand his large collection of DNA samples. This is to ensure he can continue his important research into the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease. These huge DNA banks are an essential tool for Alzheimer’s research; the […]

Crystal Palace to Paris in four days

Steve Hallam

Having decided to take on a cycling challenge in 2014, I was really pleased when my employer PageGroup UK chose Alzheimer’s Research UK as their charity partner. As my grandmother and my wife’s grandmother both had dementia, this has always been a charity very close to my heart. With that in mind, I decided to […]

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Sole Of Sci-Fi

Dave Golder

I have created a monster. The idea seemed simple back in the twilight days of 2013 when I hatched it: I would wear a different pair of trainers every day for the whole of 2014, and get people to sponsor me. Oh yeah, and get them to loan me trainers, too. Because while I had […]

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