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The eyes have it – how eye movements are affected by posterior cortical atrophy

Tim Shakespeare

Many different systems and structures come together to give us a rich visual experience of the world around us. One structure is the eye, providing a clear visual input. Another is the understanding of that visual signal by the brain, which interprets information from the eye to give us a perception of what and where […]

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Expert running tips from our marathon Q&A

Martin Yelling

With the Virgin Money London Marathon 2015 just over a week away, we asked top running coach and expert Martin Yelling to host a Facebook Marathon Q&A with our #TeamARUK runners: We’ve summarised them in this blog from Martin to answer all your burning questions: Q: Would you recommend buying a new pair of trainers […]

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The orchestral brain

Dr Dervis Salih

Imagine an orchestra playing a complex and beautiful symphony. And now imagine there are 25,000 musicians in the orchestra. This is one way to picture how our genes work together to control the function of our brains. Mammals have around 25,000 genes, and so this takes some coordination. In people with Alzheimer’s, and other causes […]

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Scientist Focus: Anne Braae

Dr Emma O'Brien

  Name and job title Anne Braae – I’m a 3rd year PhD student at the University of Nottingham What was your early career path to being a researcher? I did an undergraduate degree in Zoology and Genetics and then I worked in scientific publishing for a while, as well as doing a few events […]