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Scientist Focus: Bettina Platt

Dr Emma O'Brien

Professor Bettina Platt is the Chair of Translational Neuroscience at the University of Aberdeen and a member of the Alzheimer’s Research UK Grants Review Board. What area of research does your lab focus on? My lab focuses on nerve cell death and memory problems and we have developed a range of different techniques to study […]

Ada Lovelace Day

Dr Emma O'Brien

Ada Lovelace Day (13 October) is an international celebration of the work and achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). So there is no better time to focus on some of the amazing women tirelessly battling dementia through research. These inspiring women are making important discoveries that are driving the development of […]

Spotlight on frontotemporal dementia

Dr Emma O'Brien

Forgetfulness and confusion are often the first things that come to mind when we hear the word dementia. But what about a shift in personality or a lack of empathy? How about changes in food preferences and a completely different sense of humour? All of these can be signs of frontotemporal dementia – the second […]

Alzheimer’s Research UK and the launch of our Manifesto

Dr Matthew Norton

Late September and early October saw the latest series of autumn party conferences, these are the first party conferences since the general election and, particularly in the case of the Labour Party, see a chance to review current positions and present a new approach for the next five years of parliament. At Alzheimer’s Research UK […]

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Dementia in the future: what’s in store for our children?

Kirsty Marais

A new analysis has estimated that for every child born this year, one in three can be expected to develop dementia during their lifetime. The finding is revealed on World Alzheimer’s Day, a date that sees people around the globe raise awareness of dementia, and the statistic goes a long way to demonstrate the scale […]

Scientist Focus: Lizzie Glennon

Dr Laura Phipps

Dr Lizzie Glennon is an Alzheimer’s Research UK-funded scientist currently based at King’s College London, where she studies how proteins are transported around brain cells, and how this might go wrong in Alzheimer’s disease. Lizzie is the Administrator and Early Career Representative for the King’s College Alzheimer’s Research UK Network Centre, and also part of […]

In the news: Could Alzheimer’s proteins be passed between people?

Dr Laura Phipps

In the news today, we’re hearing about a UK research study that has suggested the hallmark Alzheimer’s protein, amyloid, could have been passed between people in historic treatments with human-derived growth hormone in the 60s and 70s. This is one of the first suggestions that amyloid could pass between humans in a similar way to […]

In the news: What is healthy ageing and how do we know we’re doing it?

Dr Laura Phipps

The UK population is ageing. In the middle of last year, the Office of National Statistics reported that the UK population was the oldest it had ever been. Around the same time, the papers reported that the Centenary team at Whitehall would need to expand to meet the 70% rise in centenarians over the past […]

Scientist Focus: Fiona Marshall

Robin Brisbourne

Dr Fiona Marshall is a neuroscientist working on treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions. Dr Marshall also volunteers as an Alzheimer’s Research UK Trustee, lending her expertise and passion for dementia research to help support the work of the charity. Name and job title Dr Fiona Marshall, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Heptares […]