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Writing for research

Kay Patrick

It became obvious a few years ago that things weren’t right with my sister. There was the memory loss, the muddling up of people’s names, forgetting what she was about to do – things that afflict us all as we grow older. We laughed about it, I remember. But gradually it began to get worse, […]

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Race the Tide – How to prepare for hiking at night

Yosra OsmanJade RolphVicky Naylor

Race the Tide in a tough 30 hour non-stop hike from Berwick to Lindisfarne island. “Non-stop” is the important word there – it means that we’ll be walking through the night in the depths of the Northumbrian darkness. So how do you prepare for hiking at night? This one is a bit obvious, but bring […]

A second chance

Grace Stead

“Your nan has dementia.” This new word crashed into my world. Dementia? What does that even mean? Is it just that she repeats herself all the time and that she can’t remember certain things? My nan on my dad’s side was diagnosed with something that had been off my radar until now. Dementia had come […]

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The latest generation of dementia research

Yosra OsmanJade RolphVicky Naylor

As Dementia Awareness Week approaches, BBC Horizon has thrown a spotlight onto dementia research with their latest programme featuring recent advances in the field. One of the studies discussed in this programme was a large research study looking at ways of helping people to live well with dementia. This study, called the GREAT trial, focused […]

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AXA: one year on

Amanda Blanc

A year ago, AXA Insurance employees voted to enter a three-year partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK. With £111,000 raised in the first 12 months, it looks set to be a very fruitful partnership indeed. What a year it’s been. I’ve been amazed at the number of ways AXA employees have come up with to raise […]

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A letter to Mum

Anne-Marie Heeney

23-year-old Anne-Marie lives with her mum, Bernadette, who has frontotemporal dementia. She helps care for her, as she slowly loses the ability to communicate, carry out everyday tasks and even recognise her family. Here, Anne-Marie tells her mum what she wishes she could. If only she understood. I found a pile of your lists, Mum. […]

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Joining forces for the UK’s biggest endeavour in dementia research

Hilary Evans

Today we are pleased to announce a major new commitment for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Over the next 10 years, the charity will invest £50m into the UK Dementia Research Institute – becoming a founding partner in the Government-backed project, which will bring together hundreds of scientists in a dedicated effort to improve the lives of […]

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