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Five minutes of amazing: my journey through dementia

Chris Graham

Chris Graham was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s in 2010, aged just 34. Below is an extract from his newly released book detailing his mammoth 16,000-mile cycle ride around North America and Canada raising £40,000 for Alzheimer’s Research UK. ‘Five Minutes of Amazing’ was written with writer Wendy Holden. Dementia Adventure Diary, 4 May 2015, near Espanola, […]

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Hope for the future

Sophie Leggett

On World Alzheimer’s Day, Alzheimer’s Research UK supporter Sophie Leggett explains why she is determined to use her experience of dementia to make a positive difference to future generations by taking part in vital research. Sophie has a 50 per cent risk of developing early-onset Alzheimer’s due to a rare faulty gene which runs in […]

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Steel Wool

Daryl Oliver

Daryl Oliver is an author who has a health science degree and many years’ experience as a general nurse. She has five grown up children and lives with her husband in Cambridgeshire while studying for a Master’s degree in healthcare. Having experienced dementia both personally and professionally Daryl is releasing her latest work of fiction, […]

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Alzheimer’s stole my dad from me

Chrissi Ayre

Chrissi’s childhood was not like most. She became a carer at the age of 11 when her dad received a shocking diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. She looked after him every day alongside her mum and sister, as he gradually disappeared before them. Chrissi wrote this letter when she was 16, not long after her […]

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Why I’m Running Down Dementia: I’ve never been so proud of myself

Richard Judd

Richard Judd is a novice runner who lives with his wife in Leadgate, County Durham. He has two grown up children and has been supporting Alzheimer’s Research UK by taking part in the charity’s latest campaign Running Down Dementia around his busy job in telesales. Richard has been critical in keeping fellow runners motivated by […]

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The Higher Education and Research Bill – what this could mean for dementia research

Kirsty MaraisSusan MitchellEmily CookEmma HardwickHelen DaviesSamantha Benham-Hermetz

Today the Higher Education and Research Bill, which proposes changes to the structures and funding mechanisms for teaching and research in Universities, starts the next stage of its journey towards becoming law as it reaches committee stage in Westminster. So what does the Bill propose, and why does it matter to dementia research? The Bill […]