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Scientist Focus: Dr Tara Spires-Jones

Katy Stubbs

Dr Tara Spires-Jones is based at the University of Edinburgh, where she studies the connections between nerve cells in the brain to understand how they become disrupted in Alzheimer’s disease. Tara has just been appointed Chair of the Alzheimer’s Research UK Grant Review Board, the panel of experts that meets to recommend the most promising […]

How do we decide which studies to fund?

Fred Walker

Twice a year, the Alzheimer’s Research UK Grant Review Board meets to assess potential new grants. We get many grant applications each year from researchers looking for funding for their studies. The Grant Review Board exists to make sure we’re funding the most promising, practical and cost-effective studies, that will bring us closer to beating […]

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MP Daniel Zeichner visits Alzheimer’s Research UK

Helen Davies

Protecting dementia research in a post-Brexit Britain with Daniel Zeichner MP Even though it has been more than seven months since Britain voted to leave the EU, we are still in a state of uncertainty about exactly what Brexit will look like and we do not yet fully understand the impact this decision will have […]

Why we made The Trouble with Dad…

David Baddiel

The documentary The Trouble with Dad that I’ve made with my brother Ivor and SunDog Productions stars…my dad. That seems clear to me, when I watch it. The star of this film is Colin Brian Baddiel. My dad is the star of the film not just in the sense that it’s about him, and tells […]

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My parents’ love story

James Warren

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Regional Fundraising Officer James Warren has decided to share the love story of his parents Chris and Hilary Warren. The couple share a room at their care home following a diagnosis of dementia within just two years of one another. But despite not always being able to remember who one another are, […]

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Sir Terry Pratchett: A watershed moment for dementia

Alzheimer's Research UK

In 2008, Alzheimer’s Research UK’s late Patron Sir Terry Pratchett triggered a societal shift in attitudes towards dementia. On stage at the charity’s annual research conference, Sir Terry delivered a uniquely witty and affecting announcement of his own dementia diagnosis. Now, ahead of a docudrama looking back at his life, we’re sharing his words, which became […]

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Over-65s to be given better advice about dementia at NHS Health Checks

Emma Hardwick

As the UK’s leading dementia research charity, one of the biggest challenges we face is raising awareness and understanding of dementia. Too often people wrongfully believe dementia is an inevitable part of ageing and that there is nothing they can do to reduce their risk. But that’s not the case, which is why Alzheimer’s Research […]

Behind the big dementia headlines of 2016: are we getting closer to a cure?

Catherine McKeever

As we embark on a new year of dementia research, let’s take a look back to see how 2016 got us talking about dementia. In Alzheimer’s diseases, there are two hallmark proteins that build up in the brain – amyloid and tau. Unsurprisingly, these two proteins have become the focus of drug discovery research in […]