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Mother’s Day

Emily Allen

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend. A lovely celebration to show our love for our often under-appreciated mums and everything they’ve done for us over the past year. It’s a lovely concept and needed in a society where the work mums do is often under-valued. It’s a weekend when most of my friends are going home […]

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Right patient, right treatment, right time

Katy Stubbs

When doctors are faced with diagnosing someone with a disease, their aim is to give the right patient the right treatment at the right time. However, this can be difficult when doctors are faced with diseases of the brain. Our brains are highly complex organs, housed in the protection of the skull and behind a […]

Scientist Focus: Katie Lunnon

Robin Brisbourne

University of Exeter researcher, Dr Katie Lunnon has won the Early Career Investigator of the Year Award at the Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference 2017. The prestigious prize celebrates excellence in dementia research and comes with £25k for Dr Lunnon to spend on her cutting-edge research.  Katie studies the relatively new field of epigenetics – a […]

An exciting time for dementia research

Grace Hallinan

With the release of Alzheimer’s Research UK’s new report ‘Keeping pace: progress in dementia research capacity’, and all of the incredible progress it details regarding dementia research, I wanted to reflect on how exciting it is to be a dementia researcher in 2017. I have always been fascinated by the brain, and began my undergraduate […]

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Is dementia research keeping pace?

Hilary Evans

For too long, dementia research has been playing catch-up. The devastating impact of the condition is well-documented: more than 850,000 people are now living with dementia across the UK and for those affected, it is life-shattering. Research is the only way to change this, and that’s why we’re delighted to publish new figures today that […]

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Welcome to Aberdeen

Ali Blaikie

Having lived in Aberdeen her whole life, Ali Blaikie, was very excited to hear that the Alzheimer’s Research UK conference is coming to Aberdeen this year. Running 14-15 March, it is the biggest annual dementia research conference in the UK. It is an opportunity for researchers from around the world to come together and share […]

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Another year, another marathon

Michelle White

Last spring, Michelle White pulled on her trainers, donned her running vest and took on the London Marathon. She raised an incredible sum of over £4,000 for Alzheimer’s Research UK, having seen the devastating impact of dementia in her family. Despite the pain and exhaustion, she’s signed up to do it again in 2017. We […]

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