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Why government must act now to make breakthroughs possible

Hilary Evans

In the three years since we launched our Manifesto 2015-2020, which outlined five areas the government could improve to support dementia research, we have seen much success and growth. We’ve seen groundbreaking funding efforts from government, charities and industry help to drive investment in dementia research. We’ve seen the number of dementia researchers double, and […]

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Make Breakthroughs Possible

Hilary Evans

Our notion of what we believe to be possible changes at a pace, perhaps never so quickly as today. It is a little over ten years since we first experienced the entirety of the world’s knowledge through the smart phone in our pocket. Similarly in 2008, Twitter took flight and 140-character debates great and small […]

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6 landmark moments in dementia research

Dr David Reynolds

There are certain moments in life that, when looking back, stand out above the rest. It’s no different in scientific discovery – a journey of exploration, where important discoveries pave the way for the breakthroughs that change lives. Here are some of the most influential advances in dementia research over the last century – thank […]

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Scientist Focus Blog: Cassy Fiford

Cassy Fiford

This World Alzheimer’s Month, we spoke to Cassy Fiford a research assistant and PhD student to find out why she is passionately involved in dementia research. What does your job involve? I am a research assistant, currently studying for my PhD at University College London (UCL). My work involves looking closely at brain scans taken […]

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