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What would you want from a dementia treatment?

Hilary Evans

It seems like a simple question, doesn’t it? But despite a growing awareness of dementia, it’s a question that’s never been asked of large groups of people. And this means we’re lacking a piece of information that could be vital for charities, researchers and people tasked with making decisions about new treatments. That’s why today, […]

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Would you spend your 70th birthday in a brain scanner?

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisRobin BrisbourneKaty StubbsEd PinchesFiona Calverthonor pollardClaire Bromley

Our Insight 46 study is a unique opportunity to study how factors throughout our life could influence our brain health aged 70. The UCL team today revealed new findings from the landmark study, that blood pressure as young as 36 could impact brain health up to three decades later. Find out more about this unique […]