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Looking to the future for dementia with Lewy bodies

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneKaty StubbsEd PinchesGlyn Morris

When the family of the late Robin Williams revealed that the actor had been living with dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), it threw a spotlight on a disease that many people had not heard of before. Alongside tributes to his huge talent, extraordinary career, and inspiring personal qualities; many news outlets reported how the comedy […]

Why dementia doesn’t believe in gender parity

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneKaty StubbsEd PinchesGlyn Morris

As we take time today to celebrate International Women’s Day and the incredible women who are helping to #pressforprogress in research and science, we must also reflect on a hard reality – women are a marginalised majority when it comes to dementia. Not only are women far more likely to end up as carers of […]

Alcohol and dementia risk – what we know so far

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneKaty StubbsEd PinchesGlyn Morris

You may have seen reports in today’s papers about a link between long-term alcohol misuse and risk of dementia. This study published in the Lancet found: That alcohol misuse is linked to an increased risk of dementia. That more than 57% of people who developed dementia before the age of 65 had at some point […]

Behind the headlines: Pfizer scales back investment but hope remains for a dementia treatment

Dr Matthew Norton

Recent news from the pharmaceutical industry that Pfizer is reducing its investment in dementia research has highlighted some of the barriers to research, and the increased need for shared responsibility in bringing treatments to people in need. It’s easy to get bogged down by headlines that use words like “abandon” to describe what’s happening to […]

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Head injury, sport and dementia: should we be worried?

Neil Graham

It is both a challenging and exciting time to be investigating the relationship between traumatic brain injury (TBI) and dementia. A recent surge in attention around the topic is welcome but links with the milder-end of head injury in sport have to be treated with caution. A recent BBC documentary fronted by former footballer Alan […]

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A year of progress since Santa Forgot

Dr David Reynolds

Last year we brought you Santa Forgot, a thought-provoking story imagining a world where Father Christmas is living with dementia.   In the time since we launched the campaign, this powerful message will have become a stark reality for families all over the country. Around 200,000 people in the UK will have developed dementia in […]

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US study highlights potential challenges for future dementia treatments

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneKaty StubbsEd PinchesGlyn Morris

A study of the US healthcare system released yesterday says the current structure is insufficient to quickly deliver future treatments for people living with dementia. Although the US and UK health systems are inherently different, this review of the American system is a reminder of the need within our own health system to prepare for […]

Alzheimer’s disease: The puzzle we’re so desperate to solve

Fiona Calvert

At the Sanger Institute, where my PhD is based, we are fascinated by all things genetics, which may seem a long way from a person living with Alzheimer’s disease. Yet we know that certain gene mutations (a small error in a gene) can increase your risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease and now we are working to understand how and why that is.

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