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Walking 100k to raise £100k

Yosra OsmanJade RolphVicky Naylor

This September 200 of our supporters will Race the Tide in a tough 30 hour non-stop hike through the Northumbrian countryside. Their willpower and determination will raise an amazing £100,000 to defeat dementia. So what exactly can Alzheimer’s Research UK achieve with £100,000? Uniting experts to unravel genetics Thanks to £100,000 fundraised by staff at […]

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How do we fund research?

Yosra OsmanJade RolphVicky Naylor

As the UK’s leading dementia research charity, we receive requests for funding from researchers all over the country; last year we committed £7.6 million to pioneering dementia research. Project proposals range from unravelling the genetics of frontotemporal dementia in flies to taking a closer look at the human brain in Alzheimer’s with sophisticated scanners. As […]

Rules and regulations: removing hurdles in the race for a treatment

Yosra OsmanJade RolphVicky Naylor

When we talk about speeding up drug development, the image that probably springs to mind is a lab full of scientists in white coats, working hard on the problem at hand. Most people won’t think of rows of MPs in the House of Commons, yet our politicians have a big part to play in the […]

The Global Clinical Trials Fund: drugs and dummies

Yosra OsmanJade RolphVicky Naylor

Today marks one year since the G8 Dementia Summit. The last year has been a whirlwind of new investment and exciting initiatives, both from Alzheimer’s Research UK and government, all with one aim: to bring us closer to a treatment for dementia. But we mustn’t lose momentum. Today, we are pleased to announce our newest […]

A Network of researchers joining forces to defeat dementia

Yosra OsmanJade RolphVicky Naylor

This week sees a £1.2 million investment in the Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Network, a unique initiative in the dementia research field to link scientists throughout the country. But why is collaborative research so important to reach our goal to defeat dementia? Who is in the Research Network? The Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Network is […]

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The Alzheimer’s Research UK Stem Cell Research Centre

Yosra OsmanJade RolphVicky Naylor

In 2012, Prof John Gurdon and Prof Shinya Yamanaka won the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Their pioneering work developed a technique to turn adult cells, such as those from the gut, into stem cells.  The next big challenge has been to use these stem cells to answer key medical questions, one of which being how […]

Will this be the year that turns the corner for dementia?

Katy Riddick

The close of 2013 brought the first-ever G8 Summit on Dementia, a meeting of the world’s top economies to commit to tackling dementia jointly. The summit brought a great deal of attention to the global need for dementia research and encouraged hope for a cure. As we begin 2014 we might start to wonder: Will […]

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