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Alzheimer’s Research UK – London Supporters Group

Kevin Zokay-West

Joining the newly formed Alzheimer’s Research UK London Supporters Group was an easy decision for me. It’s one that has helped me to ‘get out there’ and fundraise in other ways rather than continuously taking part in activities which meant asking for donations from family and friends. Whilst twittering one day I found myself in […]

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A joke a day

Simon Gibson

I recommended a book to my daughter, pointing out that it was a real page turner. Her response? ‘Dad, I know how books work!’ Since 1 January this year I have been posting a joke a day on my personal Facebook account. I started this for fun, and to (hopefully) entertain friends. It became a […]

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Raising money through fun

Lloyd VaughanKirsty MaraisKaty McIntosh

As a former journalist I’ve had some pretty exciting days at work, but nothing could have prepared me for the spectacle that is the ICAP Charity Day. Walking through the doors to ICAP’s London headquarters early on Tuesday morning, instead of rubbing shoulders with stressed brokers dressed in pin-stripe suits I entered a scene I […]

Sharing the Journey

Tom Macpherson

Seeing at first hand the effect that Alzheimer’s was having on my brother in law, Bill, and his wife, my sister, Morag, who looks after him, I wanted to raise funds and awareness of Alzheimer’s and the necessary research that will be required to combat it. Bill worked in London, was involved in his own […]

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Battle of the Brains

Lloyd VaughanKirsty MaraisKaty McIntosh

Fancy holding a fundraising quiz for dementia research? Alzheimer’s Research UK staff love a quiz. The office is a pretty harmonious place, so it’s always a welcomed change of pace to be able to pit our wits against one another. Throw in a spot of friendly rivalry and people are falling over each other to […]

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A dementia lifeline

Lee Pearse

My mum Valerie was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia in 2007, aged just 59. People often don’t have a choice about the dementia world; you’re suddenly in it and your life changes rapidly. It‘s incredibly important that we all talk and support one another. I set up The Valerie Foundation in honour of my mum, for […]

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Always – Raising funds for dementia research

Rupert Stroud

When my grandmother (Gangan) was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s back in 2003, I was rather naïve. Being a teenager of 16 I didn’t really know much at all about the illness. I assumed, as many back then did, that it was a sign of ‘getting old’. My mum, Laura, had a real battle trying to get […]

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Hog roast and a Harley

Lloyd VaughanKirsty MaraisKaty McIntosh

Getting out from behind my desk to go and talk first hand about Alzheimer’s Research UK is a privilege I enjoy as part of my job, but the most amazing part is the people I meet through our work. One Saturday in the summer, I drove through the picturesque countryside near Bedford to the small […]