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Cracking dementia: the challenge of our generation

Dr Simon Ridley

In the 1980s the world sat up and took notice of AIDS spreading through groups across the world – quickly identified by scientists as caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). What happened in this decade in response to the growing epidemic was a collective movement across society. Activism driven by community groups, as well […]

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The power of dementia research

Beth Edgar

Every four seconds someone, somewhere in the world, is diagnosed with dementia and there is a greater need for more research to help people affected, along with their friends, family and carers. As our population ages, our awareness of the challenge posed by dementia is increasing. There is growing understanding that at some point everyone […]

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10 things we take for granted that people with dementia forget

Lloyd VaughanKirsty MaraisKaty McIntosh

1. Recognising your nearest and dearest Looking through precious photo albums reminds us of our past, but imagine not being able to recognise your friends and family staring back at you. That’s the tragic prospect facing people with dementia. 2. Your favourite foods Whether it’s a home-cooked roast dinner or a simple bar of chocolate, […]

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‘Join dementia research’: How long before I can take part in a study?

Lloyd VaughanKirsty MaraisKaty McIntosh

This is a joint blog post with Join Dementia Research. We recently told you about a new initiative called ‘Join dementia research’. This innovative service allows you to register your interest in taking part in dementia studies so that researchers can contact with you with details of projects you might be suitable for. More and […]

Dementias Research Platform UK:  The Medical Research Council’s new plan to tackle dementia

Lloyd VaughanKirsty MaraisKaty McIntosh

The Royal Society is housed just a stone’s throw from Trafalgar Square. Its walls are lined with portraits of famous scientists throughout history, from Isaac Newton through to Dorothy Hodgkin, crystallography champion and Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web. This was certainly an inspiring setting for the launch of the Medical Research Council’s […]

‘Join dementia research’

Lloyd VaughanKirsty MaraisKaty McIntosh

We are pleased to announce that Alzheimer’s Research UK is developing two exciting new services, aimed at getting people involved in dementia research and increasing public understanding of dementia. Whenever I speak to researchers, I always try to understand what they think the limiting factors to more, and more effective, dementia research might be. Money […]

Dementia information you can trust

Lloyd VaughanKirsty MaraisKaty McIntosh

While helping out on our stand at the Alzheimer’s Show in London, I was struck by the popularity of our dementia information booklets. As fast as we replenished the stocks, they were disappearing. Lots of visitors commented on how useful they were, and how well-produced. This was music to my ears, as I have recently […]

Important discussions at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2014

Science News Team

The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2014 provides the perfect platform for dementia researchers to discuss some of the more controversial, thought-provoking and fascinating issues facing dementia research. We summarised three of these for you: 1. Should we screen the general population for dementia? While early diagnosis of dementia is a government priority, we do not […]

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World Cup 2014: A look at the stats

Lloyd VaughanKirsty MaraisKaty McIntosh

Like it or not, the World Cup is back, and for the next four weeks, you’ll be hard pressed to avoid it. Prime time TV slots will be consumed by games, interviews and analysis. Local supermarkets will try and tempt you into decorating your car with mini flags of St George and in some cases, […]