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We talk to Regional Fundraising Officer Kyle Lockhart for International Volunteer Managers’ Day

Kyle Lockhart

Alzheimer’s Research UK has 11 regional fundraising officers all dedicated to supporting and managing our network of volunteers in roles from fundraising group members, community speakers, to collection crew members and media volunteers. This International Volunteer Managers’ Day (5 November) we speak to Kyle Lockhart, Regional Fundraising Officer for Scotland, to find out his experience […]

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Drug Discovery Alliance: An update on progress

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneKaty StubbsEd PinchesGlyn Morris

This March saw 650 top dementia researchers attend the Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Conference. Delegates travelled from across the country and beyond to London to present their findings and gain insight into the cutting-edge science paving the way for new dementia treatments. A highlight of the conference, in which so much was covered, was a […]

Our new Director of Research

Branwen Brockley

Dr Carol Routledge has recently joined Alzheimer’s Research UK as our new Director of Research. What experience does she bring to the charity and what does she see in the future for Alzheimer’s Research UK? We caught up with Carol as she begins her new role.

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Our new Chief Scientific Officer

Tim Parry

Dr David Reynolds joins Alzheimer’s Research UK in June as our new Chief Scientific Officer. What experience does David bring to the charity and how does he view the task ahead? We spoke to David as he takes up his new role. It was an unusual and slightly macabre moment of inspiration as a schoolboy […]

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Dementia: it’s not all about Alzheimer’s or memory

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneKaty StubbsEd PinchesGlyn Morris

It’s a common misconception that dementia is all about Alzheimer’s and that it’s all about memory loss. Alzheimer’s may be the most common cause of dementia and memory loss one of the most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s but it’s nowhere near the whole picture of dementia. Here at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in the […]

A wake-up call about dementia can win this battle

Susie Hewer

This week, Alzheimer’s Research UK launched its first ever month long national dementia awareness campaign featuring a prime-time advertisement on national TV and cinemas across the UK. They’ve cleverly blended a mix of archive news footage from various sources and created something unique and attention-grabbing. Have you seen it yet? If not then please take […]

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A powerful new look and a renewed commitment

Hilary Evans

Over the last year we’ve been talking to people with dementia and our supporters about the impact of dementia. A word we frequently heard from affected families was “powerlessness”. Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias take so much from people, shattering lives. But at Alzheimer’s Research UK, we know that pioneering research is our best hope […]

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Supporters’ Day success

Dr Laura PhippsKirsty MaraisClaire LucasRobin BrisbourneKaty StubbsEd PinchesGlyn Morris

People came from all over the country to join us in London on Saturday 20 September for our Supporters’ Day – including surprise guest Russell Grant! Yes, West End entertainer and former Strictly star Russell took to the stage at the end of the day. He spoke passionately about his support for the charity and […]

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