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The Policy and Public Affairs Team is responsible for influencing public policy on dementia research. We campaign on issues that will make a difference to people with dementia, for example our Dementia 2010 report highlighted the scale of the dementia challenge in the UK and the lack of government funding for dementia research. As a result dementia is moving up the political agenda and this government has pledged to double dementia research funding to £66m by 2015. But, we believe there is still a long way to go before dementia research will be getting its fair share of funding and offer real hope for people with dementia, so we are using our position on the government’s  Dementia Challenge Research Champion Group and future campaigns to call for ambitious long term action to address this urgent challenge.

MPs call for more investment in dementia research

On Tuesday 25 June, Debbie Abrahams MP led a 90-minute debate titled ‘Improving the lives of people with dementia’ in Westminster Hall. Among the MPs in attendance was Caroline Dinenage, the Minister of State for Health and Social Care. This debate was the first to focus on dementia in three years. The event was crucial […]

How the Dementia Access Taskforce is breaking through barriers for future treatments

It’s a year today since Alzheimer’s Research UK launched the Dementia Access Taskforce. The first-of-its-kind partnership brings together charities, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, government and people impacted by dementia. The group works to ensure early and accurate diagnosis is available and to prepare so future treatments reach people quickly. Last year, we looked at the challenges […]

Five years on from the G8 Dementia Summit: what have we achieved?

It’s been five years since world leaders gathered to develop an action plan for dementia. The G8 Dementia Summit resulted in a global ambition to find a cure or disease-modifying treatment for dementia by 2025 – so what progress are we making towards that goal? What was the G8 Dementia Summit? In December 2013, then […]

The Budget on balance for dementia research

On Monday 29 October the government will present the Budget statement to the House of Commons, laying out its spending plan for the upcoming year. This is the big announcement that helps to set budgets across departments, but this year’s statement likely won’t have a big impact on dementia research. Here’s why and the announcements […]

Meet Bev: the NHS as a 70-year-old woman

As the NHS celebrates its 70th birthday today, we’re reflecting on how the National Health Service has shaped and delivered medical advances and how it needs to adapt to the changing face of health today. With 850,000 people in the UK living with dementia today, a number expected to grow to 1 million by 2025 […]

Behind the headlines: Pfizer finds new ways to support dementia research

Last week, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced it was backing new avenues of funding for neurodegeneration research – the area that includes research into Alzheimer’s and other diseases that cause dementia. This news comes just five months after Pfizer announced it would scale back its investment in dementia research, choosing to fund external projects rather than […]

Why I’ve been sharing my health data for over 70 years

We’re living in an era of big data that is influencing all aspects of our lives, but maybe our health most of all. From paper records kept in drawers at GP surgeries to creating networks of digital information that can be shared between GPs and hospitals, we are benefiting more than ever before from our […]

Prime Minister supports revolutionary early diagnosis effort

In an announcement made today, Prime Minister Theresa May outlined a new focus on early diagnosis of disease under the Grand Challenge on Artificial Intelligence in the Industrial Strategy. The Prime Minister announced an aim to transform the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of a range of health conditions including dementia. In her speech, she […]

The 8 things we want the Challenge on Dementia to focus on

The Challenge on Dementia 2020 is a vital effort to bring together government, charities and other organisations to improve dementia care, build awareness, and strengthen dementia research. The Challenge laid out over 50 commitments in 2015 as part of an ongoing effort to improve the lives of people affected by dementia. This year, the Challenge […]