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Why is a lumbar puncture used in dementia?

Dr Catherine Mummery

Sometimes doctors take samples of spinal fluid using a lumbar puncture, to help make a diagnosis of a form of dementia like Alzheimer’s disease. Here, Dr Cath Mummery aims to answer your questions about lumbar punctures, what the procedure involves and why it is used. What is cerebrospinal fluid? Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a clear, […]

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When would you want to know you had Alzheimer’s disease?

Prof Jonathan Schott

Would you want to know if you or a loved one had Alzheimer’s – a disease that currently has no treatments to slow, stop or prevent it – before you developed symptoms? This is understandably a frightening and tough question to answer. In Alzheimer’s Research UK’s new report, Detecting and Diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease, we discovered […]

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Another year of progress for dementia research

Dr Carol Routledge

Our Director of Research, Dr Carol Routledge, looks back at some of the most exciting areas of progress in dementia research over the past 12 months. Dementia is a condition that has an enormous impact on millions of lives around the globe and a financial impact of over $1 trillion – more than the whole […]

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