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A partner with dementia


The years after my husband’s vascular dementia diagnosis were very difficult for us both. But as time has gone on I have found several things that have improved matters, both for him and for me as his partner. I would like to share some of my tips, in the hope that, although they are very much simply my personal rules for coping with my own situation, others may also find some of them useful.

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A closer look at a cannabis-based treatment in Alzheimer’s disease.

Ed Pinches

Dementia is a condition that people often associate with memory problems, but it can also affect people in many other ways. Behavioural changes someone with dementia may experience can sometimes be just as challenging, both for the person living with dementia, as well as their carers or family members. Thanks to your support, we are […]

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Shining a light on the UK’s attitudes towards dementia and research

Hilary Evans

Today we’re launching our Dementia Attitudes Monitor Report – an in-depth analysis of the UK’s attitudes towards dementia and research. Improving understanding and shaping attitudes towards dementia is crucial if we are to make breakthroughs in research possible, so the Monitor, which will be repeated every two years, is an essential tool for us. In […]

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Scientist Focus: Rebecca Gabriele

Rebecca Gabriele

When a new scientist embarks on a career in the lab there is a lot they need to take on board. To contribute to our understanding of diseases like Alzheimer’s, PhD students need to learn how to design and run experiments, analyse results, and effectively share their findings with the wider research community, all while […]

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