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Dear Prime Minister, will you change my family’s future?

Carli Pirie

Without a way to stop or prevent the diseases that cause dementia, one in three children born today will go on to develop the condition in their lifetime. The odds are worse for Carli Pirie, whose family has a rare genetic form of Alzheimer’s. Carli’s mother and grandmother both developed early-onset Alzheimer’s in their late […]

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6 areas dementia experts say research should focus on next

Rui Mauricio

In a new publication, Alzheimer’s Research UK is coming together with leading dementia experts to lay out suggested areas of emphasis for future dementia research. Since 2013, we’ve seen real improvements in the financial support for dementia research and the number of dementia researchers. In fact, between 2008/09 and 2014/15, the number of researchers doubled […]

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Why I ran for the Dementia Revolution

Jade Rolph

Being part of the team leading the Dementia Revolution from behind the scenes and simultaneously being a runner was an amazing experience. I gained new insights into the work of my colleagues in the sporting, brand and comms teams, and well as a new understanding of what it’s like to be a (very tired and […]

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In the news: Our recent letter to the editor of The Times

Hilary Evans

Yesterday, we read with empathic frustration the observation on dementia research progress at the end of The Times’ comment on research into hearing aids (Delaying Dementia, 16 July). It reads: “More research into such treatments is desperately needed, particularly given the failure of biomedical research to make progress despite many billions of investment towards finding […]

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