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Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference 2014

Jane ElsomRosa SanchoHarriet ParkerBeth Sivyer

Fourteen years on the Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference returns to Oxford Preparations for the 2014 scientific conference in Oxford are well under way. It’s now eight months since the successful Belfast Conference, where we managed to avoid the snow with over 200 delegates attending this lively and interesting event. There was lots of positive feedback […]

Drug Discovery Institute launches

Dr Simon Ridley

Alzheimer’s Research UK is launching an exciting new initiative to bridge the gap between new knowledge about the causes of dementia and the discovery of new treatments. Alzheimer’s Research UK has just announced that it is looking to establish and fund a new initiative called the Alzheimer’s Research UK Drug Discovery Institute. We are inviting […]

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Going Dutch – how joint funding is helping to tackle the big questions in dementia

Jane ElsomRosa SanchoHarriet ParkerBeth Sivyer

If you’re in Scotland, you may have seen media coverage in recent weeks of a major new project to study how connections in the brain deteriorate during Alzheimer’s. Scientists at the University of Edinburgh are beginning a new study to find ways to stop the disease ravaging people’s memory. The three-year project is the result […]

Sharing the Journey

Tom Macpherson

Seeing at first hand the effect that Alzheimer’s was having on my brother in law, Bill, and his wife, my sister, Morag, who looks after him, I wanted to raise funds and awareness of Alzheimer’s and the necessary research that will be required to combat it. Bill worked in London, was involved in his own […]

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In the news: The genetics of Alzheimer’s risk

Jane ElsomRosa SanchoHarriet ParkerBeth Sivyer

Making the news today is research from scientists at Cardiff University who, as part of a global research team, have discovered 11 new areas of the genome linked to a higher risk of Alzheimer’s. The study is unique in the field of Alzheimer’s, not just for the sheer quantity of genetic information it has produced […]

Behind the headlines: Ginkgo biloba for Alzheimer’s

Jane ElsomRosa SanchoHarriet ParkerBeth Sivyer

We’ve all seen stories and adverts for products that claim to improve your memory or boost the brain. Widely available, at a cost, these products tempt many who are looking for something that could help relieve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. One, ginkgo biloba, has been extensively researched and sadly there’s now convincing evidence it can […]

Neurodegeneration – a common cure?

Jane ElsomRosa SanchoHarriet ParkerBeth Sivyer

Today’s papers are reporting a ‘potential breakthrough’ in treating all neurodegenerative disorders. Surely this sounds too good to be true? Let’s look in a bit more detail at the concept behind this research… What do neurodegenerative diseases have in common? The term ‘neurodegenerative disease’ covers a whole span of conditions, all resulting in the loss of nerve […]