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One important myth to overturn another

Hilary Evans

A couple of years ago, Alzheimer’s Research UK launched its first-ever awareness advertising campaign, with an arresting and urgent film designed to shake society by the lapels in how it thinks about dementia. This is a condition that is hamstrung by decades of sweeping under the carpet; seldom talked-about and frequently misunderstood. In recent years, we […]

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Santa Forgot and my family

Laura Thomas

With Christmas fast approaching, it signals that time when we start to see the big budget, high-profile TV adverts for the usual brands, all trying to outdo each other. But this year sees a new advert that’s got everyone talking and a lot of us shedding a tear. I’m talking, of course, about Alzheimer’s Research […]

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Education, Education, Education

Robin Brisbourne

Part of our mission at Alzheimer’s Research UK is to empower people across all generations through greater understanding of dementia. Working closely with people affected by  dementia, we look for as many opportunities to do this as possible – through this blog, our health information, public meetings, the press, our Infoline, videos, and even virtual […]

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The Many Faces of Dementia – a free online course

Tim Shakespeare

Dr Tim Shakespeare, an Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Fellow at UCL (University College London) has led the creation of a new free online course called ‘The Many Faces of Dementia’ which will start in March. Tim describes why he created the course and what you’ll learn. Why we created the course There are two reasons […]

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The future of dementia is orange

Hilary Evans

Hopefully you’ve had the chance to take a look at our thought-provoking new campaign film #sharetheorange featuring ARUK supporter Christopher Eccleston. Why have we taken this unusual approach to communication? And what’s with the orange? There’s a simple answer to the first question: if there’s one health issue that would benefit from different way of […]

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Questions children ask about dementia and how to answer them

Hilary Evans

Dementia isn’t a condition that just affects an individual, its impact is felt through whole families and across generations. Dementia is a difficult condition to understand even for adults. Changing personality, confusion, misrecognition, and behaviour changes in people that we care for the most is hard for anyone to adapt to. For a child, whose […]

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Dementia Explained – providing dementia information to children

Robin Brisbourne

This week Alzheimer’s Research UK has launched a brand new website, ‘Dementia Explained’, designed to help children better understand dementia. The site brings together a range of resources such as games, story books and videos to help children understand more about the brain and the impact dementia can have on individuals and their families. The […]

Dementia: it’s not all about Alzheimer’s or memory

Dr Emma O'Brien

It’s a common misconception that dementia is all about Alzheimer’s and that it’s all about memory loss. Alzheimer’s may be the most common cause of dementia and memory loss one of the most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s but it’s nowhere near the whole picture of dementia. Here at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in the […]

The power of dementia research

Beth Edgar

Every four seconds someone, somewhere in the world, is diagnosed with dementia and there is a greater need for more research to help people affected, along with their friends, family and carers. As our population ages, our awareness of the challenge posed by dementia is increasing. There is growing understanding that at some point everyone […]

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