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UK’s biggest dementia research endeavour starts to take shape

Hilary Evans

Today we’re proud to share with you the news that world-renowned Belgian scientist Prof Bart De Strooper will take the helm of the UK Dementia Research Institute (DRI), a multi-centre national Institute being created to transform the landscape of dementia research in this country. It’s been several months since we announced our commitment of £50m […]

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Scientist Focus: Dr Elena Di Daniel

Katy Stubbs

Today (11 October) is Ada Lovelace Day, an international celebration of the work and achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. To celebrate and showcase the work of the amazing women in dementia research, we caught up with Elena Di Daniel who is Head of Biology at the Alzheimer’s Research UK Oxford Drug […]

Taking a closer look at blood flow in the brain

Dr Emma O'Brien

When talking about dementia we often focus on nerve cells – they are, after all, in charge of everything we do and think. But nerve cells aren’t lone rangers. Just like there’s no Sherlock Holmes without Watson, no Starsky without Hutch and no Ant without Dec, nerve cells and the blood vessels that supply the […]

Supporting the next generation of dementia researchers

Robin Brisbourne

This week sees Manchester play host to the Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference 2016. The conference is a forum for nearly 500 top dementia researchers to come together, hear each other’s ideas, form collaborations, and drive progress towards new ways to help people living with dementia. As the country’s largest gathering of dementia researchers, the annual […]

The Many Faces of Dementia – a free online course

Tim Shakespeare

Dr Tim Shakespeare, an Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Fellow at UCL (University College London) has led the creation of a new free online course called ‘The Many Faces of Dementia’ which will start in March. Tim describes why he created the course and what you’ll learn. Why we created the course There are two reasons […]

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New Year’s Resolution: Get involved in dementia research

Catherine McKeever

It’s that time of year again where we all start to think about what we can do to be better people. I’ve gone for the classics; I’m going to start at the gym, sort my diet out, and sign up to help beat dementia! I know what you’re thinking, “help beat dementia? Not heard of […]

The Alzheimer’s Research UK Drug Discovery Alliance

Dr Emma O'Brien

In February 2015 we launched our £30 million Drug Discovery Alliance. The Drug Discovery Alliance is a network of three Institutes at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, and University College London. The Alliance is one of the largest coordinated efforts in the world to find new treatments for dementia and today, we’ve announced the […]

Scientist Focus: Prof Paul Whiting

Dr Emma O'Brien

We caught up with the new Chief Scientific Officer of the Alzheimer’s Research UK University College London Drug Discovery Institute. As Chief Scientific Officer, Prof Paul Whiting will drive the progress of the Drug Discovery Institute. He’ll lead the search for promising new ideas that can be developed into the drugs of tomorrow. Tell us […]

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