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Long words and lab coats?

Charlotte Bester

As I prepared for a visit to one of Alzheimer’s Research UK‘s labs, I was expecting long words and lab coats. Surely I would need a PhD to get in, I’m not a scientist. Will I even know what they’re talking about? What if they ask me a question? The nerves set in. Arriving in London, […]

Battle of the Brains

Laura Pearson-Clark

Fancy holding a fundraising quiz for dementia research? Alzheimer’s Research UK staff love a quiz. The office is a pretty harmonious place, so it’s always a welcomed change of pace to be able to pit our wits against one another. Throw in a spot of friendly rivalry and people are falling over each other to […]

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Joining the fight against dementia

Ian Wilson

I’ve now been in post as Director of Fundraising at Alzheimer’s Research UK for four weeks and in that short time I have already established that I have one of the best and most privileged jobs possible. It has become very apparent to me that this is an organisation that is going places and I have […]

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