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Rules and regulations: removing hurdles in the race for a treatment

Kirsty MaraisSusan MitchellEmily CookEmma HardwickHelen DaviesSamantha Benham-Hermetz

When we talk about speeding up drug development, the image that probably springs to mind is a lab full of scientists in white coats, working hard on the problem at hand. Most people won’t think of rows of MPs in the House of Commons, yet our politicians have a big part to play in the […]

An intern’s view

Kirsty MaraisSusan MitchellEmily CookEmma HardwickHelen DaviesSamantha Benham-Hermetz

My time as an intern at Alzheimer’s Research UK has changed the way I view the organisation as well as others similar to it. I worked in a lab funded by Cancer Research UK for a couple of weeks last summer, so it’s been really interesting to be able to see the two organisations at […]

Pledge to defeat dementia

Kirsty MaraisSusan MitchellEmily CookEmma HardwickHelen DaviesSamantha Benham-Hermetz

We are pledging to find a cure for dementia; will you pledge to join us? Through the overwhelming commitment of our supporters we have been funding leading dementia research for over 20 years. Vital discoveries are being made all the time, shedding further light on Alzheimer’s and other diseases that cause dementia. We couldn’t do […]

Global action against dementia

Dr Matthew Norton

Download our new report which examines the key statistics and sets out how we will address the challenge ahead. The G8 Dementia Summit in December 2013 was effective at galvanising the international community and promising clear and decisive action to tackle dementia. The Summit saw international leaders launch the ‘Global Action Against Dementia’ initiative with […]

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This cruel condition

Steve Rotheram

Anyone who has watched helplessly as a loved one battles with dementia, often forgetting your name and your relationship to them, knows the agony that is felt and the feeling of absolute hopelessness. This experience is all the more painful when it is a close relative, especially when, as in my own case, it is […]

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Will this be the year that turns the corner for dementia?

Katy Riddick

The close of 2013 brought the first-ever G8 Summit on Dementia, a meeting of the world’s top economies to commit to tackling dementia jointly. The summit brought a great deal of attention to the global need for dementia research and encouraged hope for a cure. As we begin 2014 we might start to wonder: Will […]

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Battling for dementia research

Rebecca Wood

I was genuinely shocked recently to get a LinkedIn congratulations on my 16th anniversary at Alzheimer’s Research UK. It really made me think how the world has changed and how we’ve pushed on in the battle to champion dementia research. When I joined the charity in 1997 the majority of people did not know the […]

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Right drug, right patient, right time

Kirsty MaraisSusan MitchellEmily CookEmma HardwickHelen DaviesSamantha Benham-Hermetz

This month we’ll be at the political party conferences urging all parties to continue to back dementia research. With no new drugs since 2003, and those in existence only showing modest efficacy, we desperately need new treatments that can delay the onset, slow the progression and manage the symptoms of dementia. Only through research can we make progress and offer hope to people with dementia.